journey to the west

it wasnt really west but in journey to the west, west represent the end of the journey, the place to go and yes when the four friends reach west, its the end of their journey 🙂

for me, my west is the asgment 3, as it marked up the final assignment of this course cum last of the final semester 🙂
sooo stop with the ending since i have another 2 weeks 🙂 lets talk about the journey *wink*

so right this moment my task is completing a lesson plan for school a, for year2 student with no ICT facilities wut-so-ever MAJORLY PRINT up stuff.

so far here are what i had been completed

  • lesson plan *i do enjoy it!*
  • poster of a boy and a gurl *using Glogster is the easiest way as i picked Justin Bieber and Willow Smith soo i just search n download!
  • task sheet : using BuildYourselfWild *OMG i lurve this site totally beyond our imagination and we have the concrete thing instantly!*
  • owh thats all 😛

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into the wild

Year :3 (Lower to Average Proficient)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Learning Outcome : By the end of the lesson, pupils ought to:

(1) Know the features of the body learnt

(2) Create a hybrid of themselves and add any other animal features of choice

(3) Write 3 short sentence to describe their hybrid self

Focused Skill : Writing

Set Induction

Pupils talk about part of body on the board  (pre teach)


teacher paste a poster of human body in front of the class

talk and describe about the part of body


Teacher models the use of teaching tool “BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF”

Teacher asks the class to work in pairs on the computer

Pupils ought to create a human based on themselves or combining both of them

Once complete, pupils should call the teacher and ask him to save it in his pendrive

Few pairs will then be selected to present their work


Teacher teaches describing human body

Using the description pupils can add anything more to make their human individualistic


The class vote to choose the best creature

The winners are to be given some award by the teacher


Loving the wild me (wanted to put the pict without the tools but my firefox is troubled)

Why “BuiLD YouR WiLD SeLF”

Very easy to use

Printable (as physical evidence of pupils’ work)

Why the lesson

To encourage creativity

To make them love animals more

e.g :

today i learnt today i questions

Main focus in week 7 class was : giving feedback!

usually it’s a group work thing.. presentation then feedbacks

now its individual

i cracked my head for critical feedback


no fun!

for week 7 each of group need to improve or developed game to be used in class

we had been given templates on who wants to be a millioneire

but our group had decided to go abroad

we chosen are you smarter than a 5th grader instead

similar format but more related to our audiences from our point of view.

since we had to develop the whole new thingy

we process it according to ADDIE: analyze, designed, develop, integrate and evaluate

but i think we kinda overlap on evaluate part.

the courseware came out good but the content, we didnt really check

there was some grammatical error, its was a mislook we should have checked through.

overall our courseware was a success i love the interface and it was a group effort. i cant thank all my groupmates enough for sharing those insane idea 🙂

10 things i hate about school

no 10 : i hate it when i was unable to see what my teacher wrote up-close

Yes, no matter what we use, OHP or projector, those at the back will still have hard time seeing it! woo what do we need? COMPUTER MONITOR!

no 9 : i hate it when im hungry and there are too many people lining at the counter

Dear malaysian entrepreneur, start applying for loans, we need vending machine at school. So our break would be worth while, more than spending 10 minutes lining up and half minutes eating and dashing off to class. If japan can do it, why would we?

No 8 : I hate noise!

Constructions, happy band practicing outside, happy younger students who had early break outside and happy students playing football. Tell me how am i going to pay attentions? noise proof room is needed to help students to stay focus

no 7 : i hate it when i cannot hear what my teacher is saying because the chatterbox next to me is talking about last week project runway

Outside noise? Check! How bout the internal noise? Well equip class room will help to enhance dan sharpen students attention during the lesson. So miss chatterbox keep talking, im putting my headphone on!


No 6 : I hate it when we have to watch the movie with them AGAIN!

It is some kinds of unwritten rule to only have one media room per school? Less student in classroom means more attentions and noise. Students are able to enjoy the programs and obtain more insight from the program.

No 5 : I hate it when I have to share computer with her! She type like my grammy!

This is the combination of no 10 and no 6. One computer room per school? Pair work on typing the summary? In 30 minutes! Stop being so vain!

no 4 : i hate white white white

white exam paper, white screen film, whiteboard and white note sheets. is school equals to heaven? no? why it has to be all white? can the spreadsheet be pink? why is the game on the net can be interactive yet colourful? why my teacher can do like that?

no 3 : i hate it when friend from other school know more than me

learning ict can help to improve students computing skills. Now days percentage of people who have computer at home is higher than the nons. Students can practice what they learn during lessons at home which leads to independent learning.

no 2 : i hate it when my neighbour schools have air cond and mine doesnt

Dear goverment, stop being bias, poor, average kids have same skins and blood circling too. stop buying those bestari school computer and air cond, they had enough!

my favourite ting ting ting

no 1 : i hate it when i have to buy more papers

yes, less paper consumes if we start using computer in the classroom. we can cut down the usage of paper and more trees! lets go green green green!

feeling like an uber chic teacher wif my little white laptop

Three months being outside the college to our real world really different taste of life. Hours were longer, networking seems bigger and that was the first time we entitle with the tittle teacher with our little client. I was assigned to sub urban school, SK Seri Anggerik, where the range of pupil came from a wealthy family to a low income family.

The reason I mentioned about their social economic status is because it is the stepping stop to inquire about their knowledge/expos-ion about technology and their atmosphere at home. I am not saying that lower income might not know about technology but the chances for the higher income parents to give more facilities such as computer and cable tv is bigger.

The approaches for these pupils quite similar, thanks to the teacher whom I took over her class, her methods is basically text book and exercise. Therefore, my pupil easily aroused with a bit of music or a short cartoon clip.

for example to start of the topic animals, i had chosen to play the theme song of My Friend, Rabbit cartoon followed by PPP ebook with the same tittle

I scheduled my lesson for listening for at least once a week. Therefore my pupils will had to listen to the music or listening to my recorded text or instruction ( to my delight they never figured out I am the one behind the mike :P). My english class was the second class for year 3, most of them using english as their first language and it was a smooth sail during the class.

Using something unorthodox inside the classroom aroused my pupils attention towards the lesson. however, sometimes technology failed us, technical problem such no electricity often turned my plan upside down. when it happened my pupils tend to get frustrated and a plan B had to be made. Moving to Media room or Computer room usually the alternative. However, managing 9 years old who is just discover the world of facebook and online game quite a challenge. they seems to fly in their own frock *they friends on FB, if u are not in my friendlist do not sit with me* and drown in their world. typically, i would bribed them by giving them 15 minutes of free playing after completing the lesson or whole 30 minutes of it in next class. seriously it was a success.

For some lesson, according to the topic, for example, beautiful malaysia,i would asked them to translate english to different language such as tamil or chinese, using the google translate. Sometimes i asked then to list down group of words and google it only for photos or something related.

Being in the school that were ell equip was a bliss. We practically used everything according to our plan as most teacher sticks to textbook methods. These also a gust of different air for my pupils as they experience new things at school. Some activity can also carried fowards to their home. These encourage independent learning and also sets a guidelines in the safety of cyberworld as we could always show them how to stay safe and happy online.

Hence, teaching experienced gave me one big lesson : bring some new and exciting on the table, pupils will adore u.

hello new year new blog

same attitude?

lets hope not

when its all come to an end

i dont really know what to write
have anyone of u heard da song
when all good things come to an end
by nelly furtado?

*but i kinda lurve marie digby version bcoz she’s SOo0o0o0 prettyyyy*
that song somehow could conclude it

in that song it talks about how
we miss all the good thing without realizing it
because we focusing on something else
why we dont just stay there and enjoy the moment
and the moments juz went away
regarding this pass 14 weeks
due to the heavy work
*generally not only towards this course*
we’ve been busy
doing work
whining about work
stressing about work
without realizing the beauty of doing it
when first come to the Goanimate test
everyone went furious
because we are given such a short time
to try the website
without realizing
we had been given chance to try it before
n honestly
i do enjoying making animation using Goanimate
so0 enjoy till i decided to use it in my video kit

and all the ADDIE ASSURE TV pendidikan COP
all of that
actually give us…..
information is such an understatement
exposer is more like it
maybe an eye opener
on how we can intergrate technology

in the classroom

as i said earlier…
maybe after all the hustle and bustle
i might sit down and think about the moment
then i will recollect what i had miss out

CoP : Community of practice or Cohort4 Own Playground?

photo courtesy of Ridhwan Afif

for the week 13
the secret had been reveals
all the communicating
and networking
is actually part of COP!!

community of practice
is about a group of poeple "us"
who share same interest "live"
who are communicating
in a network
in sharing thought and information
and that’s what he had been doing for the past 13 weeks 😀

of of this
had help me in updating myself in this course
when to submit
what to do
what not to do
what should i do to be better than others
do we have class?
am i doing my work in the right pass
what had my fren been doing recently
and all those thingy
which at first is quite
as i kinda lost my privacy bcoz i link my social networking profile to this
so0 people knoe more bout me
more than i wanted them to0
it is quite fun
nearly at the end
we learn a lot more about our friends
and we tends to help each other through networking
in finding the great software "case studie : camtasia for video submission"
sharing thoughts of something other’s would like "aaron introducing traditional sounds of kinabalu which is interesting"
it also become our source of references to do our work
sending emails is not that hard anymore
i have all 73 emails now 😛

as i stated before
it is an interesting and fun thing in COP
we shared
we learnt
we laugh
as a cohort
aite people?
i love u guys

referring to my title
COP is sorta of our playground
where all the cohort 4
meet up and share everything
even when all of us are away
and also the lecturer and tutors hahahhav
we dont forget u guys either 😛

the tv pendidikan

growing up
i was the youngest in my family
while waiting for my brother to come back from tadika
waking up around 9, after breakfast
whining and playing
my maid will switch on the tv for me
it would be around 10 am
and at tv1 or tv2 *cant remember*
there will be some stories
either sang kancil and sang buaya
or my all time favourite
SAng gagak who trying to drink from the tall and narrow head bottle
she will pick up pebbles
and in the end she will able to drink for it
simple, animated and fill of moral values
that is what i can refined from the clips
and yes! it was from TV pendidikan

forget TVP we have the playhouse disney channel, TV iq and more
more interactive and yes you can get it in malay language as well

surfing through
i just found out that TVP was exist since 1972!

it was wayy back
my parent havent met and married yet
and it was standing tall untill now in various channel including astro
well as for me
it was a great work for
to compete with other
interactive and high tech shows
such as
sesame streets
BAnana in pyjamas *hye B1!!*

however im not really sure about the content of TVP nowdays

since i havnt seem it for ages

but i do have a sneak peak at tv iq

who aired singaporean educational series

it was a little bit higher than what i had watch in TVP

and im sure the level is maybe at the same scales or near them now.

TVP did contributes to my growth in molding what i am nowdays
and im pretty sure
it had touch others as well
besh of luck to malaysian educational system!!

and the award best video goes to0

me me me me!
huhuhuhuu after the all work and all play
i wanna talk about the finished video
Are there any improvement in my video?

r there any improvement in my video?
There are!
But not much =p

There reason behind it is
I believed in my product
And I think it would be good enough to be use as the teaching aids

As it is use for our video kit,
It is good enough to provide information
For the activity attached.
I believe the information is suitable for their age (the target audience)
They cannot consume too much information in such a short time.
It will give them depth understanding of the topic, learning what sort of food
contributes to their growth.
I only touch 3 main group of food
That I believe is important for their diet in daily life.
I also emphasized on the goodness of fruits and vegetables
As those foods are not really popular among children.
It is my objective to expose the goodness of those foods
So they will be more attracted to eat it more.

And those are the reason behind the video I make =D

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